Steps to Take after a Storm Damages Your Roof in Northeast Ohio

Dec 12, 2022 | Blog, Northeast Ohio, Roof Repair

The weather in Northeast Ohio is pretty easy to fall in love with. The summers are warm, humid, and partly cloudy. They are almost picture-perfect. The winter season is freezing, snowy, and windy, which is ideal conditions for those that love the chilly snow-covered season. Although thunderstorms are common, they happen mostly in the spring and summer months. What accompanies those thunderstorms, many times is hail, damaging winds, and deadly lightning. Your home keeps you safe from these sometimes tragic storms. 

What happens if your home takes the brunt of the hail and winds? Damage can occur. There are a few steps to take after storm damage. Let’s go through them. 

Take Pictures

Storm damaged roof.

After the storm has passed, and it is safe to go outside, take several pictures showing the damage to your roof. Take a video if you can. Include pictures of missing shingles, damaged gutters, and other signs of damage. Make sure to take excellent pictures if branches are present or a tree has fallen on your roof. It certainly wouldn’t hurt to have more pictures, than not enough. 

Call a Trusted Roofing Contractor

Please don’t climb around on your roof to get the pictures you desire. Call your trusted roofing specialist to assist in this way. They have the safety equipment to properly protect themselves from soft areas on your roof. They are skilled and know what they are looking for. Not all hail damage is visible from the ground. As the roof is assessed, they can give you a detailed inspection of the damage that occurred. 

Topline Roofing LLC is just the company you need to call! They are available to assist you and answer any questions you may have, whether it is to repair in an emergency or to assist with filing a claim with the insurance company, they are there to help! Keep our number close by and handy so you can call us when you need help. Our number is (330)275-8804. 

Contact Your Insurance Company

Much like your roofing contractor, your insurance company will send out an adjuster to look over your roof, take pictures and do an inspection. Review your insurance policy to understand the sections dealing with storm damage, water damage, and “acts of God.” The many pictures you have taken could assist them with judging the amount of damage. 

Check Your Paperwork for Warranty Information

Not all roofing materials and manufacturers are the same when it comes to warranties. Read over your materials carefully so you understand more about your roof. 

Northeast Ohio Recommended Residential Roof Repair Company

Trust a Local Roofing Company 

When disaster strikes, you will want someone to promptly assess the situation. A storm-chasing company is only looking to make some quick money and then leave town. It would be helpful to know that the company you choose to work with lives in the same town you do. They will most likely be assisting many families with storm damage and can understand the stressful situation. The professionals at Topline Roofing LLC live in Northeast Ohio, just like you do. 

Don’t delay to call Topline Roofing LLC after a storm has passed through the town. Getting started on the road to repair is simple. Give us a call, explain briefly what happened and we will schedule a time to do a thorough roof inspection. We will provide you with a detailed free quote. We are here to help every step of the way. 

We are trusted by your friends and neighbors and look forward to gaining your trust as well.

Hire a Team of Roofing Professionals You Can Trust

Whether your roof needs repair or replacement, it’s important to find a professional roofing company as soon as possible. A damaged roof can lead to more problems for your home, such as leaks, mold, and mildew growth. Topline Roofing LLC can help you prevent further damage to your roof and make your roof good as new!

Ready to work with us? Getting started is simple. First, book a time for your roof inspection. Then, we’ll provide a free quote! We know it can be frustrating to go back and forth with your roofer, which is why we’re here to change up the game. Our team is here with you every step of the way.