What Will I Pay for New Vinyl Siding in Northeast Ohio?

Nov 14, 2022 | Blog, Costs, Northeast Ohio, Siding, Vinyl

New siding can improve the look of your home, keep your home safe from damage, and increase your home’s value, and vinyl siding is a versatile product that can fit just about any aesthetic and budget.  But just how much are you going to have to pay to get the look you’re dreaming of?

Average Cost to Install Vinyl Siding in Northeast Ohio

The average cost to install new vinyl siding on a home in Northeast Ohio is between $7,500 and $18,750 depending on a wide variety of factors including the size of your home, style and color of siding, the conditions of your existing siding, and the labor costs associated with the installation.  You can generally expect to pay between $6.00 and $15.00 per square foot for a new vinyl siding installation in Northeast Ohio.

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Home Size Will Impact Siding Installation Cost

The size of your home will be one of the biggest factors that impacts the cost of your new siding installation. When a siding specialist from Topline Roofing LLC in Northeast Ohio inspects your home they’ll take precise measurements to provide you with accurate pricing that you can trust.  If you’re not ready for a formal estimate, you can get a rough idea of what your siding installation might cost by doing some simple calculations.  For each side of your home that will have siding installed measure the length and height of the wall and multiply these numbers.  Add each of these together to find how many square feet of siding will need to be installed to complete your project.

  • 1000 square feet of siding: $6,000 to $15,000
  • 1500 square feet of siding: $9,000 to $22,500
  • 2000 square feet of siding: $12,000 to $30,000
  • 2500 square feet of siding: $15,000 to $37,500
  • 3000 square feet of siding: $18,000 to $45,000
  • 3500 square feet of siding: $21,000 to $52,500

Other Factors That Impact Vinyl Siding Installation Cost in Northeast Ohio

The size of your home will be very important in determining the cost of your new vinyl siding installation in Northeast Ohio mainly because it impacts or is impacted by the other factors that your siding contractor will consider when calculating the cost of your project.

Siding Style

Vinyl siding is a broad category that includes a massive variety of styles.  This includes various thicknesses, designs, and pre-insulated siding.  Premium vinyl siding will come at a premium cost, so if you’re choosing a siding that has higher quality options like attached insulation you’ll pay more per square foot for the materials.

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Siding Color

Vinyl siding is manufactured in virtually every color imaginable.  Some colors are considered standard options and can be found at a lower price point because they’re more readily available. You can also get vinyl siding in custom colors, but, if you’re heart is set on a very specific and custom color, you’ll end up paying extra for it.

Condition of Old Siding

When you’re replacing old siding, the condition of the siding and the wall behind it will have a big impact on the cost of your project.  Your contractor will need to remove the old siding which can be time consuming if it’s in poor condition.  Additionally, if there’s damage to the wall behind the siding, the contractor will need to repair this damage before the new siding can be installed which will add to both labor and material costs.

Labor Costs

It’s estimated that labor accounts for around 40%-60% of any construction project in Northeast Ohio, and a new siding installation is no exception.  Put simply, labor costs take into account the cost per technician per hour and the number of technicians and hours worked on the project.  Larger and longer projects will cost more because more labor will be needed to complete them.

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